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Something in the Water
20 literary short stories
Ralph Adamo
The Other Side of Sleep
Maxine Cassin
Roach Opera
Christian Champagne
Davenport's Version
John Gery
Beauty Eating Beauty
Nancy C. Harris
Sonata in F# minor
Barry Ivker
Behind Lies the Sugar
Danny Kerwick
Evening of Wonders
James Knudsen
Extended Remark: Poems from a Moravian Parking Lot
Michael Martin
Reflections: A Yogi on Her Journey
Karin O'Bannon
The Frog Surgeon
Dean Paschal
Geometry of the Heart
Valentine Pierce
The Altar of this Moment
Beverly Rainbolt
Brad Richard

Diabolical Seas
Michael S. True

The Maple Leaf Rag
The Maple Leaf Rag III

The Maple Leaf Rag IV

The Maple Leaf Rag V


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Recently from Portal Press


The Maple Leaf Rag VI

Maple Leaf Rag VI
ISBN 978-0-9970666-1-6
$20 (includes shipping)

The latest anthology of poems from the Maple Leaf Literary Reading Series in New Orleans.


Beauty Eating Beauty

Beauty Eating Beauty
By Nancy Harris
ISBN 978-0-916620-13-4
144 pages
$20 (includes shipping)

New collection of poems by the long-time host of the Maple Leaf Reading Series in New Orleans.


The Frog Surgeon

The Frog Surgeon
By Dean Paschal
ISBN 978-0-916620-18-9
$20 (includes shipping)

A tale of scientifically-minded teenage brothers who set themselves up as surgeons. They begin with frogs. They don't end there.

Diabolical Seas

Diabolical Seas
By Michael S. True
ISBN 978-0-916620-14-1
224 pages
$20 (includes shipping)

Selected poems by the New Orleans-based singer/songwriter, painter/poet.